The most treasured wisdom in the land is the most dangerous wisdom to possess....


'Twas a Time When Dragons Left Their Lair and Evil Shadowed the Land....

On the Day of Reckoning, the witches of Eileanan were outlawed -- and violations of the new order were punishable by death. Eileanans Great Towers, once meddas of magic and learning, were left in ruins. And now, the entire land trembles in fear....

Yet deep in the mountains, in the shadow of Dragonclaw, a young girl is being tutored in the old ways. Ignorant of her past, uncertain of her future, the foundling Isabeau will soon be forced down a dangerous path of prophesy, conspiracy, and magic. It is a world where dragons possess the he key to ancient mysteries...where a lost prince will discover a strange and wondrous destiny...and where the ultimate battle between good and evil will be waged....

A new Day of Reckoning is at hand....

[from the back cover]

Main CharactersEdit

  • Isabeau the Foundling
  • Meghan of the Beasts
  • Jorge the Seer
  • Maya the Ensorcellor

Other Book CoversEdit



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